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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe JENEBA’S MATES HEALTHCARE AND EDUCATION Association was founded by the Italian association I COMPAGNI DI JENEBA ONLUS 8 years after the onset of its activities in Goderich – a small village located not very far from Freetown. The aim of this Sierra Leone Association is to implement the projects developed by its Italian sister association in Sierra Leone.
In 2012, after 8 years spent implementing projects aimed at schools and pupils in Goderich village, Jeneba’s Mates Healthcare and Education obtained a Registration Certificate by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Children Affair in Sierra Leone as a C.B.O. (Community Based Organization).
Below, some pictures of the day Ira Johnson and Massimo Fanelli received the Registration Certificate.

JENEBA’S MATES Headquarters – 33, Freetown Road – Goderich Village – Freetown.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJeneba's Mates Centre Biblioteca del Jeneba's Mates Centre

Our headquarters is both where we manage our operations and a Centre of Education, where pupils attending the fifth and the sixth grade of the KULAFAI (Islamic) and REC (Catholic) primary schools can prepare for the NPSE (National Primary School Examination). Our Centre offers the only library existing in the western region of Sierra Leone, and some computers that can be used by our teachers. The Centre of Education, coordinated by Shabab O.S. Cole, is attended daily by 60 pupils led by their teachers.
JENEBA’S MATES C.B.O. staff is made up as follows:
Massimo Fanelli – Coordinator and Head of Italy-Sierra Leone operations
Monica Olioso – Coordinator of our Child Sponsorship Programme
Bockarie Daboh – Head of Logistics
Shabab O.S. Cole – General Logistics Assistant
Ira Johnson – Accountant, Coordinator of our Feeding Programme and the S.O.S. Jeneba
Aunty Florence – Operator in the S.O.S. Jeneba for Jeneba’s Mates’ children/Emergency hospital
Tina – Operator in the S.O.S. Jeneba for Jeneba’s Mates’ children
Bricklayers, carpenters, cooks, plumbers and electricians are employed and managed according to routine and special requirements.

Jeneba’s Mates’s team – Sierra Leone

JENEBA’S MATES’ team will coordinate any activities, both directly or contacting medical doctors, nurses, building companies, craftsmen and sales people.
The team is made up by volunteers from Italy and Sierra Leone.
Main tasks of our staff:
• Recovery after natural disasters
• S.O.S. Jeneba – Healthcare measures for our children and the teachers involved in our project
• Feeding Programme (F.P.) – Our food programme developed for our children and their poorest families
• Extraordinary maintenance of neglected school buildings
• Coordination of Jeneba’s Mates’ Centre of Education in Goderich

Introducing our Operating Staff:
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Our Staff Members Introduced Individually
Bockarie DabohBockarie Daboh – For years he has been a logistics operator at Emergency hospital in Goderich, Sierra Leone. Bockarie has been cooperating in our project since 2004, efficiently managing logistics and supporting international volunteers during their stay in Sierra Leone.




Ira JohnsonIra Johnson – For years he has been an accountant at Emergency hospital in Goderich, Sierra Leone. Ira has been cooperating in our project since 2004, managing our association administrative operations and monitoring Jeneba’s Mates kindergarten activities.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShabab O.S. Cole – He is Jeneba’s Centre of Education manager. In 2011, Shabab joined Jeneba’s Mates’ staff. He takes care of the organization at the Jeneba’s Mates Centre of Education, and he is always with us during our missions in Sierra Leone.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAunty Florence while enrolling new children for the Jeneba’s Mates’ kindergarten. Florence is a teacher and Aunty Regina’s main assistant – since 2011, we have been going through the village with her looking for new pupils. In April 2013, she has been entrusted with our healthcare programme S.O.S. Jeneba, where she cooperates with Doc. Veronica, a paediatrician, and a clinical analysis laboratory engineer.



tina jpgAunty Tina during our Ebola awareness and prevention campaign that involved any households in Goderich village. Tina is a teacher at the Jeneba’s Mates’ kindergarten. Together with the entire Jeneba’s Mates C.B.O. staff, she supports all the activities of our Child Sponsorship Programme.